Terms of service

Please see below Terms of Use. By using the service, User agrees to enter into a valid and irrevocable agreement to these Terms.

Prohibited activities

User who engages in any of the following prohibited activities may be banned from using the service without prior notice.
In addition, publicizing and/or uploading contents that fall under below activities is also prohibited.

  • Engaging in the prohibited activities mentioned in these Terms of Use or similar activities is strictly prohibited.
  • ADULT DOUJIN HIROBA may take legal actions and remedies as it deems necessary and appropriate against User who engages in prohibited activities mentioned in these Terms of Use.
  • ADULT DOUJIN HIROBA reserves the right to determine whether or not the User’s activity or conduct falls under the criteria of prohibited activities.
  1. Any activity or conduct by User, that is or may be in violation of copy rights, portrait rights or privacy of ADULT DOUJIN HIROBA or any third party.
  2. Any activity or conduct by User, that unjustly discriminates or slanders against ADULT DOUJIN HIROBA or any third party, encourages such unjust discrimination, or harm their reputation, honor and/or credibility.
  3. Using or providing harmful data such as virus or any activities that pose such threats.
  4. Any activity or conduct that falls under below criteria pertaining data such as image files (herein after “these data“) that qualify as obscenity, child pornography or child abuse based on the laws or ordinances, or requirement mandated by ADULT DOUJIN HIROBA.
    - Posting or displaying these data.
    - Sales of media vehicles that contain these data.
    - Transmitting, displaying media vehicles that contain these data or posting or displaying advertisements that suggest such activities or sales.


ADULT DOUJIN HIROBA will not be held liable for any of the following.

  • ADULT DOUJIN HIROBA shall have no concern with, nor liability, nor responsibility for troubles that may arise or cause to its users when using the service.
  • ADULT DOUJIN HIROBA will not set forth or warrant in any way whether the service of ADULT DOUJIN HIROBA is appropriate, useable or accessible in the country of User’s residence.
  • User accesses and uses the service at his or her own will and shall comply with the local laws and regulations, and shall be responsible for his or her own activities involving the service.
  • User will be held liable for the contents of files he or she posts onto the service. User assumes legal liability for posted files and shall make reparations for all the damages and shall be solely responsible for legal costs. In addition, User is obligated to manage posted files and shall promptly delete contents that are in violation of the laws, regulations and ordinances of the country of his or her residence, as well as contents that slander or harass any third party, or violate public order and morals, or intellectual property rights or privacy of any third party.
  • ADULT DOUJIN HIROBA will not warrant the contents of post files and will not, for any reasons, assume any liability to Users or third party.
  • User shall be responsible for managing the contents of posted files. Therefore, ADULT DOUJIN HIROBA shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind incurred to User or their end users of posted files as a result of, or in connection with usage of the service. ADULT DOUJIN HIROBA shall be free of liability to pay compensations to User involved in such cases.

User’s Files

  • ADULT DOUJIN HIROBA will not post or upload any files.
  • Service of ADULT DOUJIN HIROBA consists of files posted by Users.
  • User shall be held solely liable for the contents of texts, images and/or videos he or she uploads. User shall ensure and warrant that he or she reserves the right or license for, or agreement or approval for the use of contents he or she uploads onto the service.